When the world ends…

June 3, 2011 at 8:10 pm

This is what we will all need:

House That Seals Itself Into a Bunker

Check this thing out:

In these post-Rapture times, with storms barreling through the midwestern United States and Icelandic volcanoes spewing ash across the skies, people are looking for a little comfort in their architecture. We don’t mean the crocheted and wood-hewn kind, either — we mean a modern concrete bunker that can be sealed up tight at a moment’s notice.

This home on the outskirts of Warsaw, Poland, by KWK Promes, resembles that Osama bin Laden compound from the street: closed-off, imposing, plain. But the materials are high-tech (“cement-bonded particleboards of Cetris and waterproof alder plywood fixed to a steel construction and painted with dark wood stain”), as are the features: sliding walls, 3-meter-high shutters, a drawbridge to a roof terrace, and more.

The interior of the house, however, seems almost doubly luxurious when framed by metal and concrete: there’s an indoor/outdoor pool, floor-t0-ceiling windows, panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, and a large second floor terrace. Which the owners will be certain to continue enjoying, despite whatever cataclysmic events occur.

And what better use for massive garage doors than… A projection movie screen?!


Images and write up courtesy of Architizer.