West Elm has gone indian!

July 21, 2011 at 12:58 am

I received my West Elm catalog in the mail yesterday afternoon and was so excited because it was WAY thicker than normal, which means LOTS of good stuff!!  I absolutely loved the picture on the cover and was instantly ready to head over to the West Elm on 5th street and do some hardcore home shopping!! I think it is much needed after our poor pup, Tuna, got sick and unintentionally ruined my West Elm pillows and big ass rug, by barfing and pooing all over them… I deserve some new home accessories!!  

I NEED some of these pillows!!! In every color… In every room!!! And maybe a couple of those quilts… They are only about $700.  CHEAP. NOT.  There are too many good choices! Everything pictured below is definitely going on my wish list, ASAP!!! 

Isn’t it all to die for?!!? I am seriously, OBSESSED with all of this!!! I want to redo my entire house to look like these pics! Obsessed.

Check them out at West Elm!