Top 10: Green Choices That Will Improve Your Life

April 8, 2011 at 12:59 am

As I was checking out Ask Men today, this post stood out to me and it made me really wanted to spread the word to my friends, family and readers.  Being healthy has always been important, but seems to be even more important these days! People are becoming more knowledgeable about health and the risk factors for all types of diseases, which most can be prevented from living a healthier, active life.  Take a look at these 10 Green Choices that will improve your life!   I’m sure most of you will see some of these and think, WTF… But these will either really benefit you or the Earth in the long run, and I am ALL FOR THAT!

No.10 Get A Cool Travel Mug

It’s estimated that more than 50 billion paper cups are thrown away every year. Starbucks alone burns through a few bil’, and every coffee drinker on the move knows that neither the flat lid nor the dome lid is actually spill-proof or functional. Plus, nobody needs to know where you get your java fix. It’s time to upgrade to a stainless steel travel mug. They’re leak-proof, durable and retain heat better than paper — all for about $20.


No.9 Go Paperless

Your mailbox gets filled with junk you’ve been complaining about for years. Part of you actually wants the credit card offers and coupons to arrive every day, on schedule, to show that someone out there cares, but all that crap is a burden on the environment and totally unnecessary in the digital age. Cancel the catalogs (except for the Victoria’s Secret one), pay your bills online, and opt out of unsolicited credit card offers (you can do this online too). After that, you’ll be left with the good stuff: postcards from old friends, wedding invitations and pictorials of beautiful women wearing little else than sexy lingerie and a smile meant only for you.


No.8 Switch To Compact Fluorescent Lamps (Instead Of Incandescent)

There used to be a good reason to not use compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) — they flickered and were expensive. But these days, if you’re still using incandescent bulbs, you’re cooking over an open fire in a windstorm, brother. CFLs have come way down in price, and their performance is on par with or better than incandescent ones in terms of light quality. The biggest advantage is that they use about 70% less energy, which means you’ll save good scratch in the long run.


No.7 Buy Organic Wine

Maybe more than any other postindustrial movement, organic foods are becoming increasingly mainstream, but do you really need to shell out extra for what some might consider a glorified carton of juice? There’s nothing wrong with bringing a bottle of Yellow Tail to the occasional housewarming, but grapes are just like any other crop, requiring pesticides and chemicals to mass produce — nothing you want to sip by candlelight. Sulfites are a slightly different story. They play an important role in aging, so if the winemaker is farming organically, it’s probably nothing to get worked up about.


No.6 Try Ecotourism

You hear the word “eco-friendly” enough times, it starts to sound like a fetish you’d find in Craigslist’s casual encounters section. There’s a catch, in other words, but there is sense in ecotourism — an alternative to what vacations sometimes turn into: a trip somewhere else to do little more than consume food that costs more than a house in local currency. The idea here is that you should instead go somewhere awesome and volunteer a bit of time to help keep it that way. This could mean using World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) to work and stay for free on an organic farm in Europe, or planting a few trees with the Oracabessa Foundation while staying at the Goldeneye (Ian Fleming’s old house) in Jamaica. You’ll feel a little better about riding jet skis and catching fish later that afternoon.


No.5 Eat Local, Seasonal Food

You ever go into the ski lodge after a day on the slopes, only to plop down by the fireplace and down a huge slab of watermelon with a cool glass of lemonade? It doesn’t make any sense, in the same way that wearing two sweaters in 100-degree weather doesn’t. Eating local, seasonal foods means your body will be in tune with the environment, you’ll often save money buying directly from farmers (especially things like eggs and produce), and you’ll be supporting the little guy. Plus, farmers’ markets are notorious hangouts for cute single girls.


No.4 Organic Underwear

Adam looked up at the tree and saw nuts growing next to leaves. Free-associating, he picked a leaf, and the original skivs were born. If you think about it, the idea of wrapping your package in cheaply made men’s underwear from a factory located who-knows-where is a little disconcerting. Underwear is a good place to start when it comes to eco-friendly fashions, without having to shell out some more serious bones for hemp jeans.


No.3 Eat A Meatless Dinner Once A Week

Saying you should give up meat is like saying America is an empire in decline: it may very well happen, but not in your lifetime. Industrial meat production having untoward side effects — it’s inefficient, causes pollution and uses lots of fossil fuels — is common sense, however. Swap out meat once a week for vegetables or eggs, and you’ll help chip away at all the environmental degradation and save yourself the few hours it takes to digest a porterhouse.


No.2 Eat Organic Meat

First off, if you’re buying prepackaged or frozen ground beef, stop it. Evidence, including a recent New York Times front-page expose, suggests it comes from factories all over the world and is needlessly filthy. The good news is, organic meat is available virtually everywhere. It costs a bit more, and the actual health benefits aren’t crystal clear, but you’re supporting more sustainable agricultural practices and steering clear of the antibiotics and hormones pumped into mass-produced animals, which can only be a good thing.


No.1 Walk Anywhere Under 30 Minutes Away

The benefits of exercise are indisputable. It keeps you looking and feeling younger, prevents disease and, most important, improves your stamina in the sack. No need to be an obsessive gym rat, though. Walking anywhere you can get to in less than a half-hour will make up for the occasional missed workout. It’ll also save you money, open your world up to new places and give you time to reflect on life. All great men reflect on life.


Images and some content courtesy of Ask Men.