The most gorgeous home

July 8, 2011 at 5:23 pm

I just wanted to share this amazing home with everyone.  Brendon and I were fortunate enough to be invited out to CO with some of our great friends and stay in their HUGE house in the mountains!  I was amazed by how gorgeous it was and how much time decorating must have gone into this place. It was beyond GORGEOUS!!!!   My pics aren’t the best of all, but you get the idea!!

Of course, we have to get there in style.. :)

Beautiful creek outside our room!

A few interior pics!

Our room for the week!  The windows and doors were always open which let the 50 degree, cool air in at night! SO NICE!

Our massive bathroom!

My fav spot! The tub!!

HA! At least you can tell how massive this one section of the bathroom was!

The Sauna

Another bedroom with a gorgeous view.

The chandeliers in every room were simply amazing!  It was all so medieval looking! 

The pups sure had a good time!

a huge thanks to our incredible friends who made this vacation perfect!!