The Bearded Bastard

November 26, 2012 at 10:52 pm


Meet Jeremiah, the creator of The Bearded Bastard.


He’s got one gnarly mustache, huh?!

That ‘stache would be nowhere without his amazing creations.  Jeremiah started The Bearded Bastard to get all of those unruly mustaches in order and to help men with scratchy beards get some action!  Sounds like a pretty good plan, right?  In just a few short months, The Bearded Bastard has won Chronicles’ best of Austin and has been selling in-stores and online like crazy!  With The Woodsman Mustache wax, Beard oil, plus many more soon to come, Bastard will be one of the best selling mustache tamers in Austin and hopefully nationwide!  I’d totally use Bearded Bastard products if I had a mustache that needed keeping under control! But since I don’t, all of you bearded and ‘stached men need to check this awesome product out and let me know how it is!!

This was definitely a product I needed to write about only because I was obsessed with it when I first heard about it! I LOVE a scruffy man and it is the WORST, especially in my line of business, to see an attractive guy with an out of control beard that looks like a bunch of crazy pubes hangin’ out on their face!  I’ve always wanted to suggest products for them, but I am the most clueless person when it comes to anything beauty/facial care, so I could never help them out.  NOW, that’s another story!

Keep reading to see what products are available for purchase.

What’s awesome about these products??  They are all made right here in Austin, TX with all natural ingredients, and scents. Jeremiah currently has two scents; Woodsman, which has a delightfully woodsy smell to it, almost to the point where you might find yourself donning flannel without realizing what you are doing and Morocco, which is like walking into a moroccan market, side affects may include random bouts of dancing all night, drinking strong coffee while smoking your hookah!  :-})>  Sounds fun, right!?


Interested in purchasing??  You can do so HERE!!




Cold weather mustache wax tips from Jeremiah:

“It is getting chilly out there all over the world, and with stiff mustache wax that means it get’s even stiffer. The upside is your mustache will definitely stay in about any shape you want it to without any worries of heat messing with it. Here are a few little tips to make it easier to apply when it is cold, if you are out and about, keep it in your front pocket so that it will naturally warm up, if you take hot showers keep it in your bathroom and let it warm a little before applying, if you keep your house cold, or have left it in your car and forgot about it, warm it up just a little with a hair dryer. The trick is to get the wax warm but not liquid, you want it to smoothly roll between your fingertips, and be pliable enough to apply and create that stiff hold my wax is known for!”