SkinnySkinny Organic Dry Shampoo

April 5, 2011 at 1:55 am

When I think of dry shampoo, I think GROSS! Like who can’t take the time, maybe 10 minutes, to get up and wash their hair… I can say right now, I will NEVER use dry shampoo, nor will I EVER try it.   I truly enjoy washing my hair on a daily basis and being really clean, especially after a night of partying in a smoky bar!! Read on…

Here is what Nylon Magazine had to say about the product… Apparently, I am the only one who dislikes this new creation…

Sure, it can be hard to get our of bed in the morning (especially when you were out late the night before), but here’s something that might give you a few more chances to hit the snooze button. Independent Brooklyn beauty brand, SkinnySkinny’s dry shampoos, in inventive scent combinations such as grapefruits/cardamom and rose/black pepper, are certified organic, 100% vegan, and, most importantly, they work.  The line was created by Clara Williams, and artist who started out making homemade soaps for her family and wound up with a full line of organic beauty products perfect for everyone in the neighborhood.  ”Williamsburg is really vibrant and there are so many places to go,” she says.  ”The dry shampoo seriously helps us look much better than we should after late nights.”  So just sprinkle it on, comb it out, and then go find something to wipe those stamp marks off the backs of your hands!




These organic dry shampoos are, well, amazing. They are so easy to use and so effective that it’s not uncommon to go 3 days in between washings and all the while, your hair will look healthy and not-at-all oily. Besides, it’s simply not good to wash your hair every day, either. Plus, it’s time-consuming to wash, dry and style your hair day after day after day. Really, isn’t there something else you’d rather be doing? And if that’s not enough, these shampoos actually give your hair an awesome texture that doesn’t require as much styling products to have volume. In short, we LOVE these dry shampoos.

To use: Just sprinkle (or dust with a powder brush) along the roots of your hair, wait a few minutes, and then comb through. That’s it. You’re done. Now go enjoy your free time, dang it!

Vegan and Cruelty-Free, obviously!

4.5 ounces (this will be enough for 2+months of use)

Retail: $32 Each

Purchase at: Anthropologie


Images and some content from SkinnySkinny and Nylon Magazine.