Our Mini-Moon at Travaasa Austin

December 13, 2011 at 1:03 am

Wow, It has definitely been a few weeks since I Have posted anything on my website!!  Things have definitely been a little hectic around here since the wedding was quickly approaching!!  We all survived and now I finally have a little more free time!

I really wanted to share the experience Brendon and I had at Travaasa Austin for our Mini-moon.  We weren’t able to make time to take a few weeks out of our schedule to go on a full blown honeymoon, so we decided to stay at the spa for 3 days!  Neither of us had been to Travaasa before and were really looking forward to some much needed relaxation after the hectic weeks leading up to the wedding.

If you are wanting to get away for a few days to relax in the country and enjoy your time at the spa, Travaasa is the right spot for you.  Only 35 minutes away from downtown Austin, Travaasa is tucked away in the country for that perfect, secluded get away.  We fell in love with the place immediately!  This was definitely the perfect location and the best part – it wasn’t overly crowded!  Both of us really felt like the entire place was JUST for us.  The staff was so nice; they even had a gift waiting for us in our room! :)

The spa isn’t the only thing you can do during the day.  This is practically a full service resort – Hotel, breakfast, lunch, dinner, spa, daily activities, pools, etc.

Check them out online – Travaasa Austin

I was able to take a few pictures one of the days that I actually carried my phone with me!  Enjoy!!  The pictures definitely don’t do this place justice!! Go see it for yourselves!!

This would make a perfect holiday gift!!! Every girl loves to be pampered at the spa! <3


Headed on our morning hike before the spa!


The AMAZING, heated pool!!

View from our room!

Next stop….. PARIS!!!