Livestrong Navigation Center Grand Opening

March 26, 2011 at 4:43 pm


About the Center

The LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Center, located in East Austin, provides a range of free services for anyone affected by cancer. This includes people diagnosed with cancer, their families, friends, loved ones and the health care professionals who work with them. We help people with any cancer type and at any stage of treatment. Assistance is available in both English and Spanish.

How We Can Serve You

The Navigation Center provides free, confidential one-on-one support to anyone affected by cancer. This is not a medical facility, but rather a center that provides the following support services:

Emotional Support—assistance coping with a cancer diagnosis, help accessing support groups, as well as peer-to-peer connections

Fertility Risks and Preservation Options—information on fertility risks and help accessing discounted rates for fertility preservation options

Insurance, Employment and Financial Concerns—information on employment rights and benefits, financial assistance and debt management, including insurance and billing issues as well as medication co-pay assistance

Treatment Concerns—general cancer and treatment information, matching to clinical trials

To schedule an appointment, contact us at or call 512.220.7777.



KVUE News Clip

“It is all about your quality of life and making sure that not only people survive, but that they thrive,” said Lance Armstrong, the LiveStrong Founder and Chairman.

The center will provide cancer patients a one stop shop of counselors.

“Along with cancer diagnosis come a whole host of issues that you never imagine having to deal with,” said Katherine McLane, the Lance Armstrong Foundation Senior Director for Communications.  “There are insurance concerns, financial problems, worries about keeping your job and questions about preserving your fertility if you want to have a family someday.  What this center does is provide the place for people to come and drop those worries off.”

Carlos Garcia, 25, appears too young to have cancer worries.  But one look at the prosthetic leg that replaced a left leg riddled with bone cancer, and you can understand why his cancer concerns date back to high school.

“I think the biggest thing is not knowing what to expect,” said Carlos Garcia, a two-time cancer survivor.  “I mean I had absolutely no clue.”

Just three years ago, Rocio Garza was a television news anchor in Southeast Texas.  While doing a series about breast cancer detection, she learned she had a cancerous tumor.

“I was that person who didn’t want to get any help, or who refused to think that anything like this would have ever happened to me,” said Garza.

Reality soon set in for Garza and Garcia, who both now volunteer at the Lance Armstrong Foundation.  They wish the Navigation Center had been there when they were fighting the disease.  But they see their experiences as offering living hope.

“I do feel there was a bigger purpose for me going through those things and I’m just kind of on this journey I am on now,” said Garcia.  “It’s kind of seeing it and seeing a bigger picture of things, and you get that answer later on down the road.”

“We want those stories to come out of this Navigation Center, where people walk out and say, ‘Here’s what I walked in with and look at me today.’”

LiveStrong officials say the counseling is free, confidential, with English or Spanish speaking counselors and is available to anyone affected by cancer.


My photos from attending the grand opening!

The Lance Armstrong LiveStrong Navigation Center is truly amazing to me and really touches my heart.  I am so thrilled to know that Austin and the rest of the US has this center to go to when in need of consoling when dealing with a family member who has cancer or if you have cancer.  I have been close to too many people, family and friends, who have been diagnosed with or passed away from cancer and they have/had no one to turn to.  No one truly knows about what they are dealing with, and family and friends don’t know how to comfort those people in pain.  Thankfully, now, there is a place cancer patients, survivors, and friends can go or even call if they have any questions 24/7.



Right when you walk in you see an enormous amount of creative artwork covering the walls.  The majority, Lance Armstrong’s memorabilia from his Tour de France competition; bikes, jerseys, posters, etc.

This map’s details, each were burnt in individually!  It was amazing!

They even have my hometown, Aledo, in there!

Core Values displayed on the wall for everyone to view.

After the tour of the Lance Armstrong LiveStrong Navigation Center, we enjoyed the festivities outside!

It’s me, with a BABY!!  Haha, not mine though!!  Precious Gali!! Such a sweetie! She didn’t cry once! Perfect baby in my eyes! :)


Description and News clip courtesy of KVUE and Lance Armstrong pictures and description from Lance Armstrong website.