~Halloween Festivities 2011~

November 10, 2011 at 1:29 am

3rd annual pumpkin carving party!!

Let’s start off with the decor!  I went a little crazy this year, but it turned out freakin’ awesome!!

This post is a little overdue!  My apologies!!!! I have been SOOOOO busy!!!!!! AND I have been deathly ill as most of you who follow me on Twitter and on Facebook know.  I am STILL sick too… It’s never ending.

Where I got everything:

Pottery Barn, Paper Source, West Elm and Oriental Trading Company

Mini Crows $6 each

Nevermore Ravens – West Elm, Skeleton Hand Snack Holder – Pottery Barn, Candy Corn Hurricanes – DIY!

Skeleton Door Hangers – Oriental Trading Company

From West Elm on Sale for $4!

Plates and Cups – Walgreens, Skeleton Glasses – Oriental Trading Company

Garland taken apart and pasted on the wall – Paper Source! I also had some hanging skull garland too.

My favorite part – The Skeleton Hand Drink Dispenser!!  I wanted this so bad last year from Pottery Barn, but it was sold out! I finally got my hands on it a couple of months before Halloween!  So. Excited!

Time to be crafty and cook!

All I can say is that planning a party is tough! And expensive!! But worth it!  All of this food was eaten in about 30 minutes AND people brought their own snacks for everyone too!  The best part was the sangria though! HOME MADE BABY!!  So much fruit, so much wine, so yummy!!  Everyone loved it!! I think we ended up using 8-10 bottles of wine, 10+ kinds of fruit, and lots of other goodies!  It was the hit of the party! The OWL cookies were the coolest snack I made!  Those little babies took forever. It was worth it tho!

And then there was my Nutella hot chocolate! MMMMMM!!!

Cutest kids ever! Great job Fred and Anne!

I think my party was haunted…

Vampire teeth?? Or really white teeth??

Carving Time!!

Steven is ready!

Prepping my pumpkin!

My pumpkin seeds had sprouted… It was very odd.

My masterpiece!

Just in case you missed little Steven!

He was exhausted…

SO FUN!! This has by far been the biggest party yet! I think we had about 30 people at our place!

I can’t wait for next year!!! It’s going to be even bigger and better!!