Fox Sports Sky Ball League – Behind the Scenes

May 22, 2011 at 6:16 pm

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If you’ve never heard of Sky Ball League before, check out this video:



What does a Sky Ball look like exactly??


Sky Ball Rules and Regulations:

SKY BALL games are 4 players vs. 4 players coed, each team can have a maximum of 10 players on the team roster

SKY BALL games consist of 4 ten-minute quarters with a three minute overtime if the score is tied at the end of regulation play.

SKY BALL games have free substitutions throughout play.

SKY BALL players must have a smash pad/glove and SKY BALL jersey to participate.

SKY BALL offensive series must start with a smash/bounce at center court to start your offense, however, if the opposite team make a steal, they do not need to start with a smack/or bounce.

SKY BALL games have scoring systems on each side of the court; they are 12′-17′ high and have three scoring pads.

SKY BALL scoring, each time a player throws the SKY BALL and hits a scoring pad, the scoring team will receive 1 point. If a player smacks the SKY BALL with his or her smash glove, the scoring team will receive 3 points.

SKY BALL players foul out of the game once he or she reaches 7 fouls.

If a player is fouled, his or her team automatically restarts an offensive series. If a player is fouled while smacking or throwing the SKY BALL at the scoring system, he or she receives a free smack at the SKY BALL foul line. It must be a smack (worth 3 points) or the opposing team will take over.

At the end of the 4 quarters, the team with the highest points wins.


Now, On to the fun stuff!! The pictures!!!

I had the pleasure to spend almost 12 hours of my Saturday with the lovely Anne Hudson, Dale Dudley – Dudley and Bob show on KLBJ, Brian Dunkleman – Comedian and Host of Sky Ball League, Brian Kessler - The creator of Sky Ball League, and countless amounts of film crews, producers, sound guys, light guys, fans, players, and LOTS and LOTS of BALLS.  It was a full house at Austin Studios yesterday!


Make up time for Anne:



It’s show time!

Anne and her amazing make-up artist!


Dale Dudley and Anne Hudson – Our two judges!

Dunkleman and Anne



It’s Show time!

Pre-game player interviews:



The Set:

Studying hard!



Introduction of the judges!



DRILLS – The start of player eliminations:


The drills were pure chaos!

EXTREMELY entertaining!


Let the judging begin!

Keep an eye out for this guy when the show airs!  He was full of energy and surprises!!



Lunch Break, Play time, More Make-up and more pictures!

HA! I think I’ll take my chances as a spectator!

Me and Dunkleman

Anne and some of the camera crew!


On with the show!

SCARY! He’s not messin’ around up there!


More elimination drills:


Time for the judges to start picking the team members!



4 teams have been chosen – but there can only be 1!!

This is the very last elimination round.  4 teams of 4 play against each other and the judges choose the strongest players out of each team to create the Austin Sky Ball League Team!!  I didn’t take pictures of the actual team because there should be some surprises when you watch the show! :)

Man down! (He was ok though – Nothing too serious)

The creator of Sky Ball – Brian Kessler



The last scrimmage before the team is chosen!

It was a fight until the end!!

Everyone anxiously waiting and anticipating who the Austin Sky Ball League Team is!



Who will be sent to L.A.?!

Keep an eye out for Sky Ball League on Fox Sports to find out!



And that’s a wrap!

Anne Hudson and Brian Kessler



Want to be a Sky Ball Pro??

This is all you need:


Check out Sky Ball League online:












dtk austin and anne hudson getting talked up on the dudley and bob Radio show this morning!!