Eye-Catching Makeup

June 21, 2011 at 2:59 am

Katie Alves is, soon, going to be a name you will want to know.  From ‘Lion King’ to ‘Alice in Wonderland’ she has garnered fame with his detailed drawings on eyelids using just everyday cosmetics.  She makes fanciful recreations of animated films on the tiniest possible palettes: eyelids, lips and faces!  She is a very talented make-up artist and uses eye shadow to create truly artistic and colorful images, detailed scenes on people’s eyelids, lips and too on full faces. Katie started this craft in October of 2010 when she decided to try and draw some creative designs on her lips. She found out she could do it and found great talent in herself! This is definitely not your everyday makeup and not too many artists are talented enough to pull off this type of art.  Check out some of her creative designs!

Lion King!!


Amazing, huh?!!?  I wish I could do something like this!  My makeup is so plain!  Not that I need it to be as extravagant as this, but hey, I’d wear this around!!