Elle’s Best Western Denim Editorial Spread = AKA Canadian Tuxedo

August 11, 2012 at 6:45 pm
As we all remember, my most popular blog post STILL was Brendon’s take on Canadian Tuxedos… CLICK HERE to read.  


In that article, we go on to explain what a real Canadian Tuxedo is and who might be wearing such attire.  These ridiculous outfits have been around for years and years and only a select few can pull it off… Keep in mind, a select few. Those who can afford a stylist, I’d say!
Anyway, I was flipping through a recent issue of Elle Magazine and just burst out laughing. Yes, they are known for their amazing fashion editorial spreads and creative styling ideas, but this was just too much!  An ENTIRE 8 page spread on CANADIAN TUXEDOS!! Elle would obviously never call their denim spread anything like Canadian Tuxedo… They are just putting it nicely with Best Western.
Check it out…


Take a look at the photos from Elle’s Best Western spread:


Model: Tamara Weijenberg
Stylist: Kate Lanphear


I understand denim is a massive part of people’s daily style, but we don’t all live on ranches or in texas… And I don’t know anyone who would ever wear that much denim!!


I would LOVE to hear your comments/thoughts on Canadian Tuxedos!!