Doctor Knows Best – Beauty Secrets

May 15, 2011 at 4:33 am

Best tips to look radiant!


1. Turn on the Lights

Want to double the impact of your anti-aging regimen? “Add light,” says Dr. Colbert, a fan of Zeno’s hi-tech device that mimics the effects of the LEDs he uses in his office.  ”In addition to stimulating blood flow and collagen production, its vibrations can help activate the active ingredients in your wrinkle serum penetrate faster.”


Colbert M.D. Stimulate the Serum $135

Zeno Line Rewind wrinkle reduction kit $39


2. Get Lush Lips Naturally

The New York City skin specialist is a regular consultant backstage at the Victoria’s Secret runway shows.  His trick for plumping up the models’ lips naturally??  Rodin Olio Lusso balm.  ”It’s made with jasmine oil, so not only does it have a wonderful scent, but it really locks in moisture and makes lips look fuller.”

3. Avoid the “20-60″

Dr. Colbert uses the term “20-60″ to refer to patients who have gorgeous, crease-free faces but wrinkly necks and hands that make them look older.  ”You have to be vigilant about applying sunscreen to the neck, chest and hands as well,” he says. “Otherwise it looks odd.”  For daily allover use, he recommends Eucerin’s Everyday Protection face lotion. “It goes on light, absorbs quickly, and isn’t expensive.”

Beauty Foods

“Eating natural food is the first step toward beautiful skin,” says Dr. Colbert.  ”It provides daily nutrition that is essential for a healthy glow.”

If you have space to have your own garden, DO IT.  Many people are resorting to growing their own veggies and fruit whenever possible.


Skin Benefit: Antioxidants prevent free-radical damage

How to eat it: Drizzle honey on top – Dessert!



Skin Benefit: Detoxifying fiber makes skin clearer

How to eat it: Steam and toss with lemon and olive oil


Greek Yogurt:

Skin Benefit: Calcium increases cell turnover

How to eat it: Add diced cucumbers and dill for a quick dip


Olive Oil

Skin Benefit: Monounsaturated fat balances skin’s moisture

How to eat it: Use instead of butter to scramble eggs



Skin benefit: Omega fatty acids reduce inflammation

How to eat it: Snack on unsalted almonds during the day


Some content courtesy of Instyle Magazine