Do You Bellicon?

April 26, 2011 at 1:06 am

Do you bellicon?

Did you know that there are 638 muscles in the human body and bouncing on a bellicon® rebounder engages all of them. Discover the advantages of exercising on a highly elastic mini-trampoline.

The bellicon® rebounder

Our mini-trampolines are made in Germany and have a patented suspension system, featuring highly elastic bungees which train all of the muscles in your body, strengthen your joints and stimulate your circulation.


Considered the Best Rebounder in the World

The bellicon® is a superb exercise device. It enables a whole-body workout that won’t wear you out. The patented suspension system, featuring highly elastic bungee cords, trains all of the muscles in your body, helps joints and spinal discs, and stimulates your circulation. The bellicon is a unique combination of fun and real training results.

Available Sizes

The bellicon is available in these sizes (diameter):

39” / 44” / 49”

We offer different sizes to accommodate your available space. The 39” device can fit most anywhere. The rule of thumb is: the larger the bellicon, the greater the possibilities. A larger diameter increases the comfort level of bouncing. No matter what size bellicon you choose, you will enjoy the benefits of an extraordinary suspension that distinguishes the bellicon from others and is something you would not want to miss.

Retail: $679

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Images and content courtesy of Bellicon.