Decorating Tips for Tiny Spaces

August 8, 2011 at 12:02 am

I’m sure the majority of us have been forced to live in a home/apartment/condo/duplex that was just way too small.  I know I have been in that position many times and am somewhat in that position now.  My thing is that I have too much stuff! Which I am now in the process of cleaning everything out so we can have the least amount of stuff as possible!! So far it is working and our home is looking MUCH nicer!! I do have to say, it is still a smaller place and definitely have to make use of the space we have.  Making things look bigger and more spacious is the goal!

Here are a few tips on how to make your living space look bigger and better than before!

1. Buy a mirror!! – This makes the room look much more spacious and simple.

2. Define the Area – Paint your living rooms walls a different color from those in your kitchen and hallway to mark where one room begins and the other ends.  Further define your seating space with an area rug and surrounding floor space, will visually expand the space.

3. Ditch Your Couch – People rarely sit in the middle anyway, so opt for a love seat or studio-size sofa (it’s smaller than full-size) instead.  Busy prints can feel hectic in a cramped space, so sick with a solid-color fabric and add interesting pillows and art for the personal touch that sets the vibe of the room.

4. Make Your Pieces Multitask – Cushy ottomans can work as seats, tables, or footrests.  The soft edges also make them ideal for squeezing into tight spaces when you need extra room.

5. Think Height – The more vertical area that serves as storage, the less clutter will end up crowding your room.  Go for open shelving, which lets you see through to the wall, giving a sense of expanding space.  To maximize the effect, don’t fill up the shelves completely or you’ll create a “wall” of books, and mix and match the items you display so your eye keeps bouncing along.

6. Light it Up – Table and floor lamps add coziness and some class to areas with little or no windows without taking up precious space. The indirect light also casts a flattering glow on your whole room.

All of these helpful hints remind me of when I did a post on our home remodel.  Check it out HERE.  It was pretty pitiful when I moved in and definitely needed to make a FAST change!!