Best Mani/Pedi in Town Goes to…

March 28, 2013 at 10:20 pm

Wanna to know the best spot for a Mani + Pedi in Austin??  

Mirror | Mirror is the winner!



For those who know me, manicures and pedicures are not a top priority on my list of things to get done on a near regular basis, BUT after my hectic past couple of weeks I really wanted to treat myself to something nice.  Martha Lynn and I were having a quick snack at Uchiko and she was raving about how the salon now has a mani/pedi set up and that I needed to get in ASAP to get my nails did!  Who can refuse Martha Lynn’s enthusiastic recommendations?! Obviously, I couldn’t… 2 days later and I’m in the salon ready for my mani/pedi!  And all I can say is WOW!!!! Never going anywhere else!!!

For those, in Austin, who are looking to try and new spot to relax and veg out; book an appt. with Jen NOW!  Let me just say, Jen is a total badass!  Her manis and pedis rocked my world today!!!  Not only was it so relaxing and refreshing, I actually learned a lot too!  Who doesn’t love that!?

AND, if you book now you might get some awesome deals for Austin Beauty Week!  Check it out: 

mirror mirror menu

WAIT – There’s more!!!

Austin Beauty Week Specials:
Buy a FANCY pedi ($50) and get a CLASSIC mani for free ($20)
$40 Blowouts with Mollie
20% off all Kerastase


My relaxing day at the salon:









YAY!!! Easter nails!!!







4410-B Burnet Road
TX 78756



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Tuesday – Friday 10-6 | Saturday 10-4