A “My Life in Loubies” Kinda Day

August 13, 2011 at 4:31 pm

Simply. Amazing.

I purchased My Life In Loubies right when Erica told me it had been released, I received it, read about 1/4 of the book and got completely swamped and had to put the reading on hold.  About 3-4 weeks later I was absolutely determined to finish reading this book.  Man, I don’t think I have been more dedicated and interested in reading a book that I was with this one!  Once I picked it back up there was absolutely nothing that would make me put it down!  You would find me reading this thing ALL over the place: the bath, bed, in my car waiting for my slow friends, at the pool, and in the car again – (this time while I was a passenger on the way to Fredricksburg!) On the way back home from my day trip to the vineyard, I had finished it!!  I literally could not put this book down for more than 5 minutes.. It was THAT good!  Everyone should know, I am a snob when it comes to books and I don’t like too many, but once I started reading this one it became my best friend, my absolute favorite thing in the world!  When I wasn’t reading I would catch myself thinking of the characters and their lives and how similar they were to mine.  This was one of the first books I could really relate too, and it made me even more interested than before.  This is definitely NOT a book about shoes, as you would think regarding the title, which a lot of my friends thought at first, but it is very deep and tells a very touching story about a young woman’s life – the love she finds, her hardships, friendships, family, and even a little passion thrown into the mix. :)  Almost every single review I have read about My Life In Loubies has been extremely similar to mine; something that someone thought would be a good, fun read, but ended up being very touching and emotional.

Erica and I have been great Twitter friends for quite some time now and when we started emailing back-and-forth with some styling ideas for Vanessa we didn’t waste anytime gathering ideas for this fashionable character.  The BIG, grand plan, that everyone is hoping for, is that My Life In Loubies makes it to the big screen, VERY soon!!!   It is just a matter of time before producers realize that this movie is just what us girls need! <3

Let’s get back on track; I had the task of styling Vanessa in her “New York business woman” look, her “Vacation in Hamptons” look, and her “Lunching with friends in Palm Beach” look.   Right away the creative juices were flowing and I had so many solid fashion ideas for how I had imagined Vanessa in the book.  In a little under an hour I was sending Erica styling ideas for each type of look.  We agreed on a few outfits for each and I was on my way to laying out each outfit with accessories, shoes and jewelry!

 Pictured below are Vanessa’s top styles from her favorite day-to-day spots: 

(Styling courtesy of DTK Austin!) 

I recommend everyone, even if you are a man, to go buy this book!

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Who would you cast for My Life in Loubies?